WMA_FB-LogoThe Western Museums Association provides opportunities for learning and personal interaction to enhance the creative skills and enrich the lives of individuals who do museum work.

OUR CORE VALUES In furthering our mission, these core values guide and sustain our work on behalf of our constituents:

  • Social Benefit: The Western Museums Association supports the work that institutions do for their communities, and we seek to inspire excellence in this service to the public.
  • Excellence: We challenge museums to strive, because we believe that all museums have the potential to have an extraordinary impact on the lives of others.
  • Leadership: We promote the professional development of all staff, volunteers, and trustees, and seek to enhance their positive change and growth, because we believe that all individuals have the potential to be leaders.
  • Collegiality: We provide opportunities for individuals to connect and develop life-long relationships, as they create a community of colleagues who support each other’s institutional endeavors and personal well-being.
  • Fun: We believe that good humor facilitates learning and relationship building, and enjoyment in an association of colleagues helps build a community of talented, connected individuals who are energized about their profession.
  • Trust: We respect one another and trust in the integrity of our diverse museum community.
  • Inclusion: We encourage differences of opinions and perspectives, and unfamiliar ideas, for they enrich our association.
  • Sustainability: In seeking innovation, we take a measured and responsible approach to decisions and initiatives, as we appreciate that our actions today affect our future success and vitality.

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The WMA is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization, incorporated in the state of California. Tax ID# 23-7312905